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All participants in the Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment should attempt to portray these events as accurately as possible, consistent with the available space, personnel, historical information and other resources. We recognize that no reenactment unit can achieve 100% authenticity in their interpretation. A unit’s desire to participate reflects their acceptance of the standards of the event.

Event Rules


Setup and Facilities
• Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment Setup begins on Friday for sutlers, military, and civilians.
• Straw and wood will be available on site. (Limited quantity)
• Water will be available on site.


Conduct Rules

• Stanford’s Battery and US/UC command staff are to address all problems arising during the Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment. All decisions made are final.
• All units, vendors, and sutlers must provide proof of liability insurance.
• All participants, including civilians, must be quiet from 11:00 pm until the next morning.
NO EXCEPTIONS- Remember, your neighbors are trying to sleep.
• Drunk, disorderly or destructive as well as loud, mean-spirited behavior will not be tolerated. Any damage caused will be the direct responsibility of the person(s) involved, and local authorities will be contacted.
• Illegal substances will not be tolerated in accordance with state and local laws and regulations.
• Offenders will be turned over to local law enforcement officials for arrest and prosecutions.
• Participants attempting to engage in field activities under the influence of ANY intoxicant will be expelled from the event.
• For the safety of your pets, we ask that you not bring them to the event.


Setup, Vehicles, and Parking

• Vehicles will be permitted to enter camps to load and unload.
• Vehicles must be out of camp and parked in designated parking areas with parking permits displayed after equipment is unloaded.
• Do not drive on maintained lawns.
• Any reenactors arriving on Saturday morning may drive their vehicle into the camp from 8:00 am – 9:30 am
• Prior to Saturday morning vehicles may be driven into camp for brief unloading only. Please do not leave your
vehicle in camp.


Camp Rules
• Tentage of proper period design will be accepted at the Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment.
• Camp furniture should be of period style.
• Blankets, quilts, and other bedding should be of period nature, in general use by the common person in mid-war.
• Modern conveniences need to be kept out of the sight of the general public.

• All electronic social media devices must only be used in a discreet manner and should be restricted to tents.
• Food containers and utensils that are visible should be of the proper type common to general period usage.

• Fire pits should be placed a sufficient distance from tents and must be sufficiently deep to prevent flames from spreading.
• Fires must be well-banked and watched
• All fire pits must be thoroughly doused and filled in smoothly with the sod replaced at the event’s conclusion.
• Smoking during public hours is limited to pipes, cigars and period cigarettes.
• Any leftover straw or firewood must be cleaned up.
• Campsites must be returned to their original condition prior to leaving the event.


Uniforms & Equipment

• During the Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment Uniforms and equipage will be appropriate mid-war attire.
• Standard federal issue uniforms (Union)
• At a minimum, uniforms and accouterments will be constructed of materials and of designs accurate for the
period being portrayed.


Age Limit - For participation on the field or carrying of a weapon (in all service branches), participants must be:
• At least 14 years of age and be proficient in the School of the Soldier and the School of the Company.
• The only exception is for musicians, who must be at least 12 years old.
• Participants serving as active members of artillery crews, e.g., those serving positions, must be at least 18 years of age.
• All participants under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of a parent/legal guardian, or other responsible adults who will sign a consent form acknowledging said responsibility upon registration. In the absence of said consent form, the affected unit commander must accept this responsibility.


• All sutlers are welcome to display and sell their wares at the annual Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment.
• Please make sure that you have all of your tent poles secure and stakes marked so as not to be a tripping hazard for the public.


Weaponry, Small Arms, Artillery and Gun Crew


Weaponry (General)
For your safety and the safety of visitors and guests to the event, please note the following:
• All firearms must be in working order.
• All small arms must have a functioning half-cock and a hammer screw.
• Commanders shall have the obligation to exclude weapons from the field if such are found to be
operationally unsafe or inappropriate for the scenario.
• All firing other than battle-scripted firing shall take place on an established firing line.



• Military issue two- or three-band black powder muskets.
• This does NOT include Hawken/ Trade or Zouave rifles.
• Ramrods will be carried on the battlefield but never drawn. NCO’s are responsible for securing that the troops under their command do not draw rammers.
• Fouled pieces will be passed to a file closer who will be allowed to draw rammer from the file closer position, in order to clear the piece.



• Officers are the ONLY participants permitted to carry revolvers as appropriate during the mid-war period.
• No Wunder Wads or similar hard materials shall be used in revolvers.
• Cream of Wheat or cornstarch is encouraged.


Edged Weapons

• Knives carried by participants at the Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment will be of a proper design and safely secured in an appropriate sheath.
• At NO TIME will knives be drawn on the field.
• Bayonets should be carried by enlisted men but ONLY fixed by order of a commanding officer.
• At all other times, they shall be secured in a proper scabbard. The scabbard must have a metal tip.



• Loose powder may NOT be carried on the field.
• All small arms cartridges should be pre-rolled off-site and should be properly constructed.
• Penny wrappers, heavy bond paper, plastic, staples, or tapes may not be used in the construction of small arms cartridges.
• Percussion caps and cartridges for ready use MUST be carried in authentic cap boxes and cartridge pouches.
• Additional suitably-wrapped ammunition may be carried in field packs or haversacks.


Firing - Discharge of weapons is only allowed in specified areas.


Small Arms

• Rounds for rifles and pistols should be of period off-white paper and style.
• Loads for powder: no larger than 60 grains for rifled musket and 80 grains for smooth bore muskets of .69 caliber or larger and 30 grains for pistols.
• No pulling of the rammer and/or ramming of paper in rifles/muskets during Skirmish.
• Bayonets will not be pulled or fixed during Battle.
• Pistols are to be worn and used by persons of the proper and authentic impression only.
• Artillery members are not to wear pistols while operating guns for safety reasons.
• All pistols, rifles, and muskets are to have proper charges in them always.
• All soldiers must be 16 years of age to participate as a reenactor at the Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment.
• All weapons must be inspected by the unit commander or prior to battle or any other exercise that musket or any other firearm is to be used.
• ALL SAFETY VIOLATIONS WILL BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY. Only properly functioning historically accurate weapons of the American Civil War period will be allowed.


Artillery: Invitation Only (Closed)

• Artillery rounds must be of the proper size and powder load for the muzzle type being used. Use only black powder.
• When unattended, the artillery piece must be unloaded and locked down along with its attachments and accouterments.
• All ammunition must be kept in accurately reproduced cartridge boxes, packages, and crates.
• All powder should be stored in a safe place away from open flames and other heat sources.
• Please make your cartridges before coming to the event as exposure of loose gunpowder to unsafe conditions is prohibited.
• All weapons will be immediately unloaded after the skirmish while still on the battlefield prior to marching back to camp and cleaning of weapons.
• DO NOT unload weapon in camp by firing weapon. Empty it on the battlefield.



Gun Crews
• All artillerists must be properly trained in correct artillery procedures.
• The chief of the piece is responsible for the discipline of his gun crew:
• The safe operation of his ordinance and the carrying out of orders from his battery officers.
• Limbers with proper ammunition chests are highly recommended.

• At a minimum, each gun must have a lockable ammunition chest for storage or rounds.
• Full-Scale Cannons Only are allowed at the Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment. (If it is not a full scale please do not bring it to the event)
• No Mortars
• No Volley Guns
• No Rocket Launchers


Cavalry: Mounted by Invite Only (Limited mounted Calvary (CLOSED) and unlimited dismounted Calvary welcome)


Health Records
• A current EiA (Coggins) test is required for all horses, and a current health certificate is required for all out-of-state
• Current Flu, Rhino, and tetanus vaccinations are highly recommended, as well.
• Paperwork will be checked upon participant registration.

• As safety is of prime importance, unruly or uncontrollable horses or those whose riders exhibit poor horsemanship or cruelty to animals will be removed from the battlefield.



• All tack should be authentic and appropriate to the mid-war impression.
• No modern saddles.
• Tack will be inspected for safety.



• Hay will be provided for all horses during the Carpentersville Civil War Reenactment.
• Water troughs will be situated near all encampments.
• Trailers will have designated parking sites.


Uniforms and Accoutrements

• Appropriate mid-war kepis, bummers, or slouch hats are expected.
• Appropriate brogans or boots will be worn, with standard leather accouterments.
• Cavalry patterns are preferred but infantry patterns are acceptable.



• Cavalry carbines are preferred, with 2- and 3-band rifle muskets accepted (if you can document its use in the Civil War, however, you can use it.).
• One revolver per trooper.


Dismounted cavalry

• NCO’s and troopers will not carry sabers on the field.


For any questions please contact Stanford’s Battery